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What's New In Casino Games Tech?

The one good thing about 2020 is that you could play more casino games from home without feeling guilty, right? While the world went into a frenzy about being confined to four walls, the gamer's smiles grew wider. Not to take away from the seriousness of what went wrong this year, but seriously: gamers had a blast.

Were you amongst the millions that rediscovered your love for gaming and online gambling during a lockdown? Did you perhaps feel out of sync with how far game tech has advanced while you were making a living and shaping your adult-life? Then this article's for you.

Let's take a look at what technology has been up to the last few years and what you need to know to get back in the game.

Augmented Reality Makes Your Home a Playground

Let's kick off with the most exciting development to hit the scene. We'll get to VR in a minute after introducing you to the next-gen in gaming: augmented reality. 

Since seeing movies showing people with weird goggles entering virtual reality, every gamer thought it's as far as tech can go. Then came augmented reality and upped the ante a few extra notches. 

Developers can now use your immediate surroundings and incorporate them into the game you're playing. Imagine playing a roulette game, and the software brings the live dealer and other players into your living room. 

This multi-dimensional reality is AR's capabilities, and it's a new technology that will bring a new dimension to how you play online slots and experience casino games.

Virtual Reality Is Becoming More Affordable

Let's get back to the headsets that every gamer wants. Virtual reality has come a long way and is now accessible and affordable to more gamers and online gamblers than ever before. 

AR recreates your immediate surroundings, whereas VR takes you into an entirely virtual realm and can transport you anywhere your heart desires. It doesn’t matter if it's to an island casino on a Mediterranean beach or your favorite poker table on the Strip. 

Like all technology, VR has become more user-friendly and affordable over time. You can grab a high-quality headset at most tech-stores nation-wide. It's the perfect way to escape for a night of fun at your favorite casino to play online slots.


AR and VR are two of a long list of exciting new technologies taking online casino games to a new level. Incorporated with other tech developments such as Artificial Intelligence, it's a new world that awaits you. Hold on to your headset as this is going to be a fun ride into the future.